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Business Acumen and Intelligent Technology

Business acumen, your ability to assess and respond to a given business situation that may involve risks and opportunities is greatly enhanced when combined with our intelligent technology expertise resulting in positive business outcomes. We deliver monetizing intelligent technology assets to business owners. How well these digital assets perform impacts your company’s bottom line. We’ve spent decades working with some of the best and brightest minds in business and industry. Today we’re leveraging established relations, insight, and experience to offer measurable results back by a personal money back guarantee. Let’s talk!

Grow Market Share

Growing market share is one way of increasing revenue and can be a critical key performance indicator in the success and survival of any business. Innovative intelligent technology can open new and exciting market growth opportunities for small businesses that did not exist a few years ago. However technology by itself can appear to be both complex and confusing to many small business owners. This is where DWMIT can help…

Reduce Business Cost

Reducing operating cost is another key component of business success and survival. You can integrate intelligent technology systems within business operations and significantly impact your company’s profitability. However identifying, researching, and implementing the best technology intelligently can be a challenge for most small business owners. Again DWMIT can help.


Business Success KPi's

Increase Operating Efficiency

Technology is often a business’ operating efficiency game changer. In nearly every case technology has either changed existing industries or created new ones. When you implement intelligent technology applications correctly, it is possible to experience market share growth and reduced operating cost. Either one of these outcomes can impact your business bottom line return on investment and mean the difference between success and failure. Here is a real world example where technology changed the game.  If you are still under the illusion that Amazon is an online bookstore, then the other day I bought spark plugs for my car from and online bookstore.  The world is waiting for your big idea… Let’s talk! 


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