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Intelligent Business Technology Services

Intelligent Technology Consulting

Intelligent Technology Consulting is the new breed of business operating advisors. Successful business owners have used professional IT consultants to implement digital business asset building solutions for years. Intelligent Technology can range from a simple online presence solution like social media, to a complex business operating efficiency solution like a computerized maintenance management system. It is not uncommon for business owners to not fully comprehend the breath of opportunity today’s technology can provide for their companies until they talk to someone like DWMIT.

Website Design & Development

Calculating how much your website is worth to your business success is a key element in today’s business environment. Your website is a digital business asset and can have any number of business, marketing and service objectives that it needs to deliver. Yet having one primary goal in mind will help you prioritize investment of your time and resources to better focus your efforts. From there with the right execution your website can become an income producing asset delivering macro and micro objectives.

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Video & Business Automation

Video is the closest thing to being there. Let DWMIT build a video marketing automation program for your business products and services. Create targeted customer facing videos that attract attention, builds trust, convert leads into sales by helping solve problems for your target audience. With millions of blog posts, and billions Facebook posts being created every day it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd, so create compelling videos that reach out to your perfect customers.

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Industrial Automation Intelligent Technology

Industry has been employing intelligent technology to improve it’s bottom line for decades and there is no slowdown in sight.

Healthcare Intelligent Technology

Healthcare providers will use intelligent technology to deliver better medical results for patients based on important timely data received directly from patients themselves.

home automation intelligent technology

Home Automation Intelligent Technology

Home automation intelligent technology is nothing new. What has changed is now you can communicate with your home from anywhere.

IoT Internet of Things

IoT Internet of Things

Smart cities are on the way due in part to the Internet of things concept, cloud computing app technology and a few other intelligent technology innovations that are nearing main stream availability like artificial intelligence or AI.

retail automation intelligent technology

Retail Automation Intelligent Technology

Retail automation intelligent technology can mean no checkout lines. Take a look at Amazon Go,  Wow!

Transportation intelligent technology

Can a driver-less car with all of it’s  intelligent technology break the law? Let’s not test that just yet, however while your car may not be driver less there is a real good chance it is connected to the web.

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Website Design Technology

Responsive Website Functionality

Move your website into the 21st century with responsive design functionality. Today’s proliferation of digital devices in the hands of customers means you website must be designed to deliver the best user experience possible regardless of the device on which it it viewed.

SEO Technology

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to get in your audience face. Think about the type of person you are trying to reach. This important factor makes a major contribution to the eventual success and value of doing SEO. Creating a buyer persona will help you outline who your consumers are and who you need to ensure your online presence caters to.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing

The fastest way to get your products and services in front of your target market is with Paid Search Marketing.  Define conversion criteria so you can ensure you have the proper call to action along with conversion paths built into your paid search strategy. Assign a dollar value to a conversion so an ROI can be calculated from the marketing expense and conversion value.