Intelligent Website Design Technology

Intelligent Website Design & Development Technology

Your website is still one of the most important digital business assets you can own. The Mobile consumer using internet technology has driven intelligent website design technology to adapt Responsive website design standard. There has been exponential growth in mobile applications technology with more to come.

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”
Wendy Clark (SVP Coca-Cola)

It is vital that you take a mobile first approach to marketing & website design. Why? Because Google says so. In their continued effort to improve user experience and search relevance, Google implemented an algorithm update in 2015 that penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly. Your website plays an important role in user experience.

Your website is expected to respond and adapt to mobile users devices. With Smartphone usage surpassing desktop and laptop, it makes sense to connect with your potential customer on a device with which they have a deep emotional connection. If in doubt, find an iPhone user and ask them to swap phones.

In addition, to wisely following Google’s ‘advice’, there are other strategic reasons for adopting a mobile first approach when drafting your website and other digital assets marketing strategy.

  • Mobile website design and marketing is significantly underutilized, so your marketing investment can stretch a lot further and usually convert at a higher rate. This is naturally influenced by product, industry and conversion objectives.
  • Secondly, companies like Facebook have taken a mobile first approach which provides unique opportunities for mobile marketers with mobile websites. On a side note, it will be very difficult to find a platform that has the targeting capabilities of Facebook. Don’t forget to include Facebook in your strategy.
  • Finally, you can reach new audiences in new markets multiple times throughout the customer journey (see micro-moments) with a good mobile marketing strategy. This can be done very cost-effectively and efficiently using state-of-the-art marketing technology that any good agency will have access to.

eCommerce website development technology

Are you still struggling to fathom just how quickly the Internet and eCommerce websites has grown and how it has permeated every aspect of our lives. Over 80 percent of the world’s online population has now made a purchase online?  What started as an online book store, now owns your local super market. What industry is next?

Consumers are very comfortable moving money around on websites and intelligent app technologies compared to just a few years ago. By implementing a cost-effective eCommerce website, you open your business to new growth opportunities in your local market or perhaps even new markets globally. Using the Internet and eCommerce websites, business reach beyond their current customer base and operate 24/7.

An eCommerce website offers a real opportunity to generate revenue and it’s a lot easier than you can imagine. You’ll be surprised how many unrecognized opportunities lie in the use of eCommerce website development technology. DWMIT has the ability to identify and unlock new sources of revenue within your business. What if you could increase your year-on-year growth by over 20 percent – just imagine what this could do for your business? DWMIT can help you accelerate progress in realizing your vision through intelligent website design and development investments.

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