Paid Search Advertising Intelligent Technology

Paid Search Advertising Intelligent Technology

With advances in intelligent marketing technology, we now have the ability to target your customers on multiple dimensions from time, device and location to previous search behavior. The fastest way to get your products and services in front of your target market is with Paid Search Marketing intelligent technology. We will define conversion criteria so you can ensure you have the proper call to action along with conversion paths built into your paid search strategy.  Then we’ll assign a dollar value to a conversion so an ROI can be calculated from the marketing expense and conversion value.

Using intelligent technology for Paid Search, we can identify people who are looking for your products or services and immediately connect them with your business. When you know the intent of someone searching the Internet, you have an opportunity to provide the exact information they need to influence a decision. For example, when someone types the search phrase “price of an XYZ” into Google, we have a pretty good sense of what their expectations are in terms of content and intent.

Paid Search allows companies to instantly switch lead generation on or off while providing granular control over marketing performance. This becomes increasingly important when you provide time-sensitive offers like event promotion or restaurant promotions.  Leveraging Paid Search gives you instant access to your ideal customers.

Paid Search Marketing Intelligent Technology addresses the following digital business technology challenges:

Generate Leads & Sales

Is your intelligent technology business challenge spending marketing dollars but not getting a good return on your investment?  The Internet has grown exponentially and so are the opportunities for smart business owners to excavate the virtual technology goldmine. Business growth now favors the technologically advanced business owners who know how to unlock the unrecognized potential of technology.

Be Found by Searching Customers

Is your business challenge, not clearly understand how your business is being impacted by internet search technology? These statistics will likely blow your mind: Back in 2010, only a few short years ago the Internet comprised roughly 200 Million websites. As of January 2018 the estimate is, there are over 1.8 Billion websites. Facebook has over 2 billion uses with over 1 billion daily users. Now think about the impact of these facts on your business.

Digital Business Strategy

Is your business challenge, losing online market share to competitors? Digital Business Strategy is an integral part of our service offering as it provides the blueprint for cost-effectively achieving your technology goals. Through our consultative process we’ll uncover your business’s unique online advantages that can help dominate a market through high precision, high impact digital business tactics.

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Intelligent Display Advertising Technology

Intelligent Display Advertising Technology can be your secret weapon – now you can easily and strategically place effective banner advertising throughout your customer’s online sales journey. Intelligent Display Advertising influences consumer behavior and decisions.

DSP refers to Demand Side Platform technology. It’s the platform used by Advertisers to set their campaigns and buy ads.
Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) have revolutionized how marketers access and leverage Real-Time Bidding (RTB) in the display advertising ecosystems. We can now effectively reach your customers anywhere on any platform, efficiently and cost-effectively – following them around the web. We can effectively target them with the appropriate messaging based on real-time criterion, from geo-targeting (where they are), their search history to the device they are using (e.g. mobile). DSPs provide a new level of cross channel analytics never seen before, giving companies the intelligence they need to monitor performance while achieving their business growth objectives. Using a WSI DSP to manage your display advertising will help scale your marketing activities and deliver exponential results across the Internet.

Although DWMIT provides stand-alone intelligent digital marketing services, we usually experience the best results when using multiple intelligent marketing technology services and tactics synergistically. When it come to digital marketing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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