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Our intelligent SEO best practices can help ensure your business is always found on the Internet without the inherent downside risks from algorithm changes. You could have the best website in the world, however if potential customers can’t find you on the Internet, you do not exist.

There are specific SEO best practice techniques used when building a website that can make a difference in whether or not a search engine can actually find your website when someone is searching, and then greatly influence where your website ranks or the position your site is shown in, on the Search Engine Results Page. These techniques are both complex and dynamic. This is because searchers demand and expect only the most relevant results from their searches, so the search engines are constantly changing, refining and improving the way they capture and categorize content. DWMIT understands this constantly evolving process and can implement techniques t0 ensure a top ranking. With DWMIT as your Intelligent Technology Consultants, this essential service will deliver more targeted traffic to your website, unlocking the full potential of your online presence.

Over the years Bing, Google, Yahoo and other search engines have invested billions of dollars to enhance the user experience ensuring that people find relevant information during their searches. You cannot afford to get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wrong as it can easily have a negative impact on your business. If an agency promises you first page Google rankings in a short time – ‘run’ away fast. Google updates their search algorithm between 500-600 times per year. We can not outsmart or ‘beat’ the algorithms. When Google suspects you’re trying to ‘cheat’ the system, your punishment may be digital death, they will make you disappear.

To help our client’s and maximize online Return on Investment (ROI), we’ve have worked with partners to develop an SEO methodology that aligns with Google’s recommended best practices.  This methodology of best practices is designed to adapt to the evolving and sometimes unexpected changes in search algorithms. This eliminates any potential risks and penalties for using bad SEO tactics.

Search Engine Optimization is all about being found, addressing the following digital business technology challenges:

Be Found by Searching Customers

Is your business challenge, not clearly understand how your business is being impacted by internet search technology? These statistics will likely blow your mind: Back in 2010, only a few short years ago the Internet comprised roughly 200 Million websites. As of January 2018 the estimate is, there are over 1.8 Billion websites. Facebook has over 2 billion uses with over 1 billion daily users. Now think about the impact of these facts on your business.

Digital Business Strategy

Is your business challenge, losing online market share to competitors? Digital Business Strategy is an integral part of our service offering as it provides the blueprint for cost-effectively achieving your technology goals. Through our consultative process we’ll uncover your business’s unique online advantages that can help dominate a market through high precision, high impact digital business tactics.

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